There is no good and evil,
there is only power,
and those too weak to seek it.

Wizarding Faire opens in just a little while now and the excitement is building.  There are so many fantastic items I can hardly cover them in one post but just allow me to tell you what is there, will knock your socks off.   I want to point out a couple of things of note.  First this amazing shelf behind me was made by Collage.  All the pieces are included and you can move them around or add your own to it.  (I added the effect to the cauldron in PS)  Either way, every up and coming wizard needs one of these.  The pose was made by Heirloom poses.  Her entries for the event are so much fun so check them out.  FATEplay made this fantastic Slytherin uniform you see me in but there are even more amazing new robes and such to go check out in your travels.  Also my pocket watch.  I love it!  Sash from Essences has worked her tail off on these and it shows.  I happen to be sporting the rare Ambitious one that goes right along with my favorite house.  What will you play for?

PS:  New Truth hair goes great with these uniforms!  Check it out for your own pictures!!


Uniform:  FATEplay – Jenny – Slytherin Black
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Felicity
Skin:  [Pink Fuel] Harley <Peach>
Pocket Watch:  Essences:  Wizarding Companion Pocket Watch: The Ambitious RARE
Shelf:  Collage – Wizarding Shelf
Pose:  Heirloom. Cast a Spell (Wand Included)

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